Southlake Mounted Patrol

Training Document




1.  Training Program Mission


2.  Requirements


3.  Approvals


4.  Reviews


5.  Training Plans

5.1       Equestrian

5.2       Classroom

5.3       Practical


6.  Patrol Kit




  1. Training Program Mission

Uniformed members of the Southlake Mounted Patrol (SMP) exhibit the characteristics and skills needed to safely assist the Southlake Department of Public Safety (DPS) to patrol the Walnut Grove and Bob Jones Park trail system, and promote the use of horse and rider within the community. The primary goal of the SMP member training program is to ensure safety. All SMP members must fully understand that the success of the SMP program depends on the personal safety of the members and the community. If we become injured, or cause an injury, we will be unable to assist the DPS or the public, and the negative public reaction may result in the demise of the entire program.


The purpose of the SMP in total is to serve the Southlake DPS in any reasonable capacity that facilitates and promotes the use of horse and rider. Uniformed SMP members conduct courtesy patrols and at no time are authorized by the DPS to enforce rules.


  1. Requirements

Anyone interested in SMP should discuss the requirements with the Training officer, or a Board member to determine if this is something they would like to pursue. The following steps are required and must be documented by the Training officer.


2.1 Attend a membership meeting and basic orientation

2.2 Complete forms for DPS background check, and Liability Release.

2.3 Complete qualifying check ride

2.4 Complete DPS Volunteer Training

2.5 Training Officer recommendation

2.6 Board Approval


  1. Approvals

Upon successful completion of the above steps, the training officer will submit a written recommendation to the Board of Directors for review. The Board will then approve, deny, or request additional training or information be completed. With majority Board approval, the SMP member will be assigned a uniform, and will begin to log patrol time. The SMP Training officer will maintain a copy of all completed training documents, and update the official contact list provided to the DPS.


  1. Review

All members must be reviewed annually by the board and recommended for patrol of the coming year. The review document will be completed by the Training Officer and will include: Training, Attendance, Patrol hours logged, and any other pertinent information.



  1. Training Plan

Basic Patrol includes uniformed patrol of the Walnut Grove trail system within Southlake, or as specifically requested by the Southlake DPS. Other SMP members or other riders of any skill may accompany Patrol riders.Must demonstrate basic riding skills between a horse and rider combination.


Upon completion of each segment below, the Training officer will complete a training evaluation with recommendation, and submit it to the SMP Board of Directors for review.


5.1    Equestrian � Half dayTo be conducted at the main trailhead on North White Chapel by the Training Officer and a minimum of 1 member of the Board of Directors. The Equestrian checkout only certifies the SMP member to patrol on the horse they were certified with. If an SMP member wishes to have more than one horse approved to patrol on, they may schedule time to re-certify with additional horses. The Training officers will document the check ride on the �Qualifying Ride Checklist�. It will include:

     Loading and Unloading

     Tie down and handling

     Equipment Check

     Physical condition of Horse and Rider

     Short trail ride as outlined in the �Qualifying Ride� document


5.2    Classroom � 3 hours at DPS facility

5.2.1       Overview of DPS Operations �1 Hour (led by DPS Trainer)

5.2.2       Personal Safety (not equestrian related, but the danger involved with having a uniform and approaching people)

5.2.3       Situation assessment (Review specific scenarios)

5.2.4       Reporting and Communications (Contacting DPS and documenting situations; immediate vs written. Witness training)

5.2.5       Basic Search Techniques (Grid, spiral)

5.2.6       SMP and Corps of Engineer rules (Review bylaws with emphasis on conduct, complaints. Review Corps trail rules)

5.2.7       Walnut Grove Trail system and Southlake jurisdiction (map review)


5.3    Practical � 3 Hours at DPS facility

5.3.1   Dispatch center -1 hour(Presentation by a Supervisor, then hands on)

5.3.2      EMT Basic first aid review -1 hour (Careflight rules; first -aid toolkit)


  1. Patrol Kit

Maintanance of the patrol kit is the responsibility of the member. An emergency kit is maintained at the North White Chapel trail head in a lock box. When first-aid items are used from this kit, or a personal kit, they should be replenished at the Fire station on South Carroll. All uniformed trail patrols must include the following:

        Updated SMP member contact list

        First Aid kit

        Cell phone


        Walnut Grove trail map


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