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Special Christmas Edition 1999


The New Phone number is 817/251-1156 (write it down before you forget)

Full-Time Mom

In May, Beth took the plunge into the world of full-time Mom. After 14 years with Merrill Lynch (and only 6 years with David!), Beth left the high-pressure world of stock trading, and settled into the quiet atmosphere created by two young childreÖ.. ouchÖ ahemÖ is now doing the lionís share of the work around Camp Alexander. Just to make sure Beth does not get bored with only 2 kids and a ranch to take care of, she decided to take on 3 more. Thatís right, at 3:00 on week days, Beth picks up Jessica, Jason, and Jared Stone after school, brings them back to Camp Alexander, and watches over them until one of their parents picks them up around 6:00.

Stephen Ministry/Bible Study

Beth completed her ministry training in February and commissioned the first three Stephen Ministers for our Church. They help people in the community who need some extra support during crisis situations. She has also made some great new friends who support her as well! Upon completion of her first class of ministers, Beth felt the need to "know" her bible better and joined a Disciple Bible group, which meets weekly. You never know what your next calling might be so she intends to be ready.

Registered Guests

What a great year at Camp Alexander! If you followed the events this summer, you certainly know about the massive Troutman reunion that was held at Camp Alexander over the July 4th holiday. This was the 3rd semiannual reunion at Camp Alexander, so some noted scholars are beginning to call it a "tradition". Camp Alexander was also pleased to host many other cherished friends from Hawaii, and all over. With all the cousins over this summer, Avery spent a lot of time in the pool. She is now proud to proclaim herself as an expert swimmer. Allie also loves to swim and is really comfortable floating around the pool watching the big kids play. Given the chance she loves to just jump in without a floatation device, which keeps the directors on their toes.

Making Plans

You may want to start looking for bargain airfare if you arenít within driving distance of Camp Alexander. A firm date has not been set of course, but Avery has announced that she will marry her friend Parker,who is in her preschool class at church. Until recently, Parker had not agreed, but after several months of coaxing, training, and reminders, Parker finally acknowledged his fate. An hour later, Parker would not share a toy so Avery called it off. However, they soon patched things up and it is back on. Avery admits that the timing is still not right since her Maid of Honor, Allie doesnít know how to talk yet, and the organ player (her cousin John) is only 4.


The city of Southlake completed the long awaited "downtown" this spring. If you havenít seen this, you should. They built an entire downtown square complete with a gazebo, fountain, and shops all around. Allie and Avery love to go to downtown Southlake to have ice cream and play. During the summer, they had a free concert every weekend in the gazebo. Now, every time Allie sees it, she points and discusses all the reasons she likes to go. Unfortunately, her words are not fully understood by adults, so we are not sure what she says. Although we can make out "downtown". Allie has mastered several key words that she does use very often. Probably the funniest is her special accent that she applies to the word "lemonade". She rolls the "L" several times with her tongue on her upper lip.

Critter Update

This spring, David joined a group that started the Southlake Equestrian Association. The group was formed when the city of Southlake continued to aggressively purchase property along the Walnut Grove Equestrian Trails to expand the park system. The group has been working with Southlake Parks department to make recommendations for trailhead improvements and allocate space for equestrian activity. Camp Alexander property backs up to these trails, so they have a serious interest in their future. While working with this group, David met Nancy Musgrave who boarded a paint horse at a stable that had been purchased by the city for park expansion. Her horse was to become "homeless" in a couple of months. If you have ever seen a horse holding a cardboard sign, you will understand the concern. Nancyís friend Leslie Goodrich also needed a stall. So, the stables at Camp Alexander took on 2 new tenants this summer. Hot Rod is a brown and white paint horse, and Scout is a gray appaloosa. Durban loves having company around, but is unfortunately at the end of the "pecking order", so if youíve seen a few bites on him, donít get suspicious.

Horsiní Around

Since Camp Alexander got a new horse trailer last year, the equine events have expanded beyond the local trails. David has taken Durban on a couple of ranch round-ups, and participated in the Parker County Sherriffís posse Wagon train from Springtown to Weatherford. In October they hosted a family event with friends and neighbors at Lake Ray Roberts. Everyone brought the kids and the horses, and had a day of fun.

Whatís that? Youíve not visited the Camp Alexander web site? Itís hard to believe, but we have been on-line for 4 years, so youíve had ample time! For a special treat, be sure to surf in before January 15th (give or take a few weeks) and gaze upon the magical Christmas rendition of the Camp web page including archived Christmas newsletters dating all the back to the end of the 20th century! If you think it looks just like the Christmas page from the last 2 years, donít bother calling. You canít prove it! The editor is seriously considering the purchase of a digital video camcorder. If the price gets right, watch for a gaggle of new photos, and maybe some video emails. (yes, you WILL have to upgrade your Commodore computer!)

Project Update

If you visited Camp Alexander this summer, you likely enjoyed some leisurely time on the new, expanded deck! The idea of a new deck was submitted to the facilities manager back in 1995, but had been held up in committee waiting for final design approval. Finally, Beth reminded David that a big party was planned for Allieís first birthday on April 1st, and the extra space would be nice. So, the old bridge leading from the deck to the pool was taken apart and burned, (he said with a smile) and the deck expanded another 175 square feet with built in benches, and nice, wide steps. A stone planter was also added for that special touch. If you are in the market for some western art, you need to place your order early (like a year or 2). Davidís new hobby is welding, and the first project was a park bench made entirely from discarded horseshoes (93 to be exact). Itís prominently displayed on the front porch, so the next time you pop in for a visit and nobody is home, you can put your boots up and relax in style. Or,Ö. you can get the manure shovel out of the barn and make yourself useful. The work is always piling up! (rimshot)

Y2k Alert

As we get closer the end of the century, this editor feels compelled to tell all those nut-cases out there to please get a grip! As for me, Im looking forward to 2001. I broke a mirror 6 years ago and have been worried sick.

May God bless you, and keep you in the coming year.