Camp Alexander Christmas 2008


Switching Roles-

After much planning, Beth took a job this fall teaching first grade at Roanoke elementary. After no planning at all, David ended his 28 year career at Verizon with an early retirement package. Now David is full-time Trail riding wrangler and Camp Director while Beth is hard at work molding those little skulls full of mush.   Aint life great!  


Haunted House 2008

After a FIVE year hiatus, Camp Alexander hosted another Halloween fund raiser. Avery’s youth group from church put together a Funhouse in the front lawn, and older kids and adults transformed the relaxing horse trails into “Redneck Rampage”. Check out the pictures on the webpage.  This year was really fun because Avery and Allie were old enough to be part of it, and they had a blast building it and being part of the crew. 

“Scaring people is fun  -Allie

Avery and Allie-

Allie is really loving her Dance. She is doing Hip Hop and Lyrical dancing, and had a great season of Volleyball. Avery made the all city band playing clarinet, and her 7th grade volleyball team won district. (Go Dragons). She is also playing Basketball now, so stay tuned. Avery is in a clogging dance company, but has not had competition yet

Spring Festival-

Another Camp Alexander tradition is the Memorial Day BBQ. This year, funds were raised for a Christian orphanage called Christ’s haven for Children. Attendance was so huge, there was no way to count it, but there certainly was over 300 people. An amazing total of $20,000 was raised for the orphanage.

Cooper the Camper-

David had been tent camping with the girls for years in the Indian Princess program. Beth finally said, “hey, I wanna go camping as a family”. So, they got a really cool camper with lots of room for hanging out. Cooper has also provided luxury guest quarters for weary travelers like Maryanne and Joel, Uncle Greg, and for Uncle Rob’s family at Thanksgiving. Since they name everything, the camper got the name “Cooper”. The first big trip was to Beavers Bend park.

The Horse Business-

As noted above, David is now full-time trail ride wrangler, so get your ride scheduled before they run out of money and David goes back to corporate life (yuck). In a few months, you may see David on his horse with a cardboard sign that reads, “Will Ride for Food”.

Camp Alexander took on 2 new horses for a new customer who is quickly becoming part of the family. Rachel and her daughter Mia have 2 awesome horses here. Luke is a sorrel quarter horse who is very gentle and follows David around like a dog. Jim is a chestnut Haflinger with a shaggy gold mane that is cute as can be. Allie calls him “Reggae Jim”

Big Bend Cattle Drive-

David was able to go on 2 wild west adventures with Jon and Von Box of the U ought 2 Ranch. They take city slickers out to the O2 ranch just outside of Big Bend national park, and have 3 days of the cowboy life. There are plenty of cool pictures on

If you want to do something like this, give David a call and he can set you up for an experience of a lifetime.  


Back when gas was $4 a gallon, Beth traded in the gas guzzling SUV for a bright gold Scion XB. The family agreed that with all the black and gold trim, the new car would be named “Bumble”.  Let’s go cruising!!

Merry Christmas from the Alexanders to you

Beth, David, Avery and Allie