Christmas 2006

Camp Alexander


Wow, another year! My how the time goes by. Camp Alexander had a pretty calm year considering the turmoil of the previous year with our major remodel going on. We did manage to host a fantastic Spring Festival attended by over 300 people, and raising $3800 for Camp Summit. If you have missed this in the past, you really need to mark your calendar for the Sunday before Memorial day. (more details at


Avery turned 11 in October, and Allie turned 8 last April. Allie is still at Johnson Elementary, in the 3rd grade with the same wonderful teachers that Avery had, but Avery moved on to Durham to join the 5th Graders. Allie has become a very graceful gymnast, and Avery’s Volleyball team did very well this last season. They are still doing Indian Princess with me, and I’m the Chief this year, so we are heavily involved in every event.


eth and I have been busier than ever. This really becomes clear when I read the details of my cell phone bill, and realize that I spend more time talking to my wife over the phone than in person. Work at Verizon is still hectic, and the trail riding business and Mounted Patrol are pretty constant.  Beth volunteers for … well.. just name it, and she is charge of it at Church, School, Jazzercise, and meals-on-wheels. She decided not to return as part-time teacher’s aid so she could devote more time to volunteering as PTA vice president, and volunteer in the school office on Thursdays. She also started a vitamin distributor business called Agel.


Our family vacation this summer was a mission trip to Henderson Settlement in Frakes, KY in the Appalachian mountains. Everyone pitched in, and used every tool to do repair work to a very old trailer house down in the “holler”. The family we helped had only been married a year or so, and had a newborn baby. I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and organized they kept the trailer house, and how they were able to live on so very little money. Even though the trailer house was a structural disaster they had the pride to keep it clean and neat inside and out. They had done everything possible on a budget of zero. Our family certainly got more than we gave.


“May ye have the gift of faith, the blessing of hope and the peace of His love at Christmas and always.  

Merry Christmas from Camp Alexander