From the Offices of

Cheatham and Howe

Newsletter Contractors for Hire


Greetings Selected Newsletter “Recipients” (see definition below);


Cheatham and Howe Newsletter Contractors Inc., herein referred to as “Contractor”, was awarded as the low bidder, to document and publish summarized information herein referred to as “Newsletter”, pertaining to the activities held from January ‘05 thru “publish date”, at and around Camp Alexander, herein to be referred to as “Owners”. “Newsletter” will be drafted, and published on, or near December 1st, 2005 (herein referred to as publish date) to friends and family who aptly reciprocate with annual cards, photos, or other articles produced for “Owner” enjoyment (herein referred to as “recipients”). Recipient list shall be provided by Owner to Contractor prior to distribution. Newsletter may not be reproduced without the express written consent of Cheatham and Howe. Any use other than intended is strictly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to, birdcage droppings, lighting of Yule Logs, paper airplanes, or dartboard targets.


Bidding Process

Contractor was selected in September for work to be completed in October or November to meet “publish date”. However, Owner was advised that inclement weather could delay production of Newsletter beyond publish date. Contractor later revised that statement to include “lack of” inclement weather, semi-inclement weather, and “just because we were busy doing other things”.


The Newsletter


The Big Project

2005 was a very eventful year for Owners. Most of the year was consumed with an extensive remodel of their home, which obviously included working with lots of wonderful Contractors who always arrive as planned and complete work as described. The completed project can be seen on .  The project tore off the backside of the home, and the roof of the garage, and added a new kitchen and game room. Beth said in an interview with Contractor that she “loves the new kitchen, and especially the large wraparound porch”. At the time of the interview, David was meeting with another contractor, and his statements were stricken from the record by court order along with the restraining order that prohibits specific hand gestures by Owner or Contractor.


Avery and Allie

Allie is now in the 2nd grade, and doing wonderful. This is Avery’s last year at Johnson Elementary (K-4th). Allie and Avery are still part of the Indian Princess program with their Dad, and they are both taking dance on Thursdays. Allie takes ballet, tap and jazz while Avery is trying out jazz and clogging. Avery’s newest passion is volleyball. Both girls love going to Dragon Football games, and were able to go to Texas Stadium to watch Southlake win the State Title… Yes, again!!! Go Dragons!!


Beth’s Multifaceted Career goals

Last year, Beth decided to change from Preschool at the Methodist church to a part-time Teacher’s aid at Johnson Elementary working with the Life Skills class. She is still very active as a Stephen Ministry Leader with the Church, and is on the PTO Board this year at Johnson. Beth is fitting in and staying fit with her Jazzercise friends, and even took in a girl’s trip to Durango this fall with them.


Family Vacation

The Owners traveled to San Diego for the wedding of long-time friend Greg Isaacson, and were thrilled to spend some time with Greg’s new family Traci, and kids Madison, and Ethan. Owners also took a weekend trip to Glen Rose Texas to see the Passion play, and stay at the Methodist camp. Avery and her Dad took the first annual birthday trip to Turner Falls Park. This new tradition starts with the 10th birthday, so Allie is already thinking of her birthday trip to a cave (they just studied caves in 2nd grade).



Contractor learned the Horses are a big part of Camp Alexander, and that Owners Trail Ride business is really paying the bills this year. Widowmaker Trail rides was featured on Fox 4 News “Lonestar Adventures” in November, and the clip can be replayed on the Website. David is still doing Mounted Patrol for Southlake, and worked all the Home football games, and events at Town Square.


All kidding aside from Contractor humor, our family has been blessed, and every year is more fun and exciting than the year before.  We are fortunate to have the ability to undertake such a major remodel, and humor above is no reflection of the great work done by most of the people we encountered though this process. We had so many Contractors in our life this year, we just couldn’t resist…


We hope to see all of you in 2006! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.