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"News from the Hammock"


Thanks for your subscription. We are pleased to bring you another edition of "Camp Courier". If you have not made your Spring reservations, the book is wide open, and we have plenty of room. Please call first so we can clear a spot in the barn for your horse.



Camp Alexander has nearly perfected the art of having fun. To make sure nobody gets left out, they offer two free-for-all Festival style events every year. The Spring and Fall Festivals!. This year's Spring Festival included live entertainment from "Empty Pockets", a local country and western band staring Camp friend, Jim Moore. Event Coordinator Beth Alexander spared no expense in hiring the best entertainment that no money can buy. That was because they had no money to spend. Empty Pockets was later booked to perform at the Riding club annual BBQ at High Meadows Arena so Jim's marketing plan worked. The Spring Festival brought about 160 people the grounds, and the Director of Sanitation, David Alexander reported the Septic system to be at "Level Yellow", but stable. The Fall Festival (AKA Haunted House) was another huge success raising $1500 for the Methodist Missions team. This year's them was "Slasher Film" festival, and included Scenes from all your favorite Hollywood flicks. The grand finally was the Texas Chainsaw massacre which took an entire weekend just to build the set. Visit campalexander.com for more information and all the photos.


Youth activities

Avery turned 8 in October, and Allie will be 6 in April! Seems like only a few Newsletters ago, we reported on their arrival. Allie loves Kindergarten, and was selected as a “Koality Kid a few weeks ago. She is also doing Cheerleading with her friend, and Avery is school veteran in Second grade. This summer, the family vacation was done locally due to David’s work schedule, but the girls had a great time going to local attractions, eating out every night, and having breakfast in the pool. A recent addition to the Camp line-up is 6 bantam chickens donated by one of the neighbors. Bantam eggs are fairly small, about half the size of a regular egg, so after much debate, David concluded they probably have half the cholesterol of a normal egg. (hard to get things past him you know)


David’s Corner

While the horse business has improved, David is still holding on to his day job at Verizon. With some good advertising, the trail ride business was actually pretty solid this fall. In other news, the Southlake Mounted Patrol was officially formed this summer, and David is the Training instructor for that. David says riding courtesy patrol in the park is loads of fun

Beth’s corner

Even after chasing kids and critters, Beth still has extra energy so she and a friend signed up for Jazzercise this fall. With her “Bring it on” attitude, Beth later volunteered to move chairs and setup the gym so her Jazzercise is no charge! This Summer Beth was co-chair of Vacation Bible school. The theme was Lighthouse, so she convinced David to help her build a scale model Lighthouse that actually turned out pretty neat.