Christmas 2001

Avery and Allie

The girls are growing up quickly as they take on new adventures. Allie will be 4 in April, and has recently learned to drive the “Power Wheels” electric jeep, but still loves to ride Durban in the arena, or down the trail with her Dad. She knows how to use the reins and is not afraid to trot! We are all sure that Allie will grow up to be a racecar driver. Avery started Kindergarten in August and turned 6 in October. She was selected as the Koality kid from her class, and got to walk across the stage to receive her plaque. Avery also joined the YMCA Indian Princess program with her Dad. They have gone camping, roller-skating, and rode on a hay trailer in the Grapevine Christmas parade. This summer, Allie learned to swim without a floatie, and to jump off the waterfall with nobody to catch her! It may not surprise you that Allie also loves to do anything that Avery does.

Crazy Water Corral

Remember the new, lighted arena announced last year? After the addition of a layer of white sand, it can now be used for a riding arena, or as a beach volleyball court. After a few buckets of adult refreshments, several guests tried to play volleyball on horseback, and it does not work, so don’t ask. All the crazy times have brought on the new name of the “Crazy Water Corral”. With the lights and music, several beach volleyball parties have carried over into the next morning! (Dear Olympics Committee; Camp Alexander is a great venue only minutes from DFW, and you blew it!!)

Critter Update

Well, the Guineas are history. If you attended any of the late-night parties at Camp Alexander last spring, you will surely rejoice in the news. As much fun as it was watching the 6 guineas eat bugs in the yard all day, enduring the chatter all night was torture. It really got out of hand while Beth was in Atlanta, and David didn’t put them in the pen at sundown. Those silly birds would waddle down the street and roost in someone else’s tree and keep them up all night. But don’t worry; they didn’t end up on the campfire. Beth found them a nice ranch with lots of room, and they are fine.
Camp Alexander did take on 2 new members this year. Avery got a kitty named Pumpkin for her 6th birthday. And, long-time Camp advisor, Greg Isaacson bought a wonderful Appaloosa Gelding named Tres’ to fill the empty stall left when he sold Ranger last year.

Great Loss

Early this year, we were saddened by Beth’s mother death after a courageous battle with cancer. And, only a few weeks ago, Beth and David had to put their old dog Sam to rest.

The Mission Trip

David had a great time in February going on a mission trip to Juarez Mexico with a team of 8 folks from Church. They built a small house for a wonderful, hard-working family with 2 small children. The family was very grateful, and the team had a wonderful time watching the family enter the home when it was finished. The family was making payments on the land (which was only about 20 feet by 50 feet), and couldn’t possibly afford to build anything on the income they had. They had been living in a structure made from old pallets and cardboard. Their only security was a piece of bailing wire, so a real door, with a real lock was quite an improvement.

Camp Coordinator

Beth is still staying busy with the Ranch and the Church. She is still leading the Stephen Ministry and teaching music at the Church Preschool. She even directed the music for the Christmas play the year (we intended to publish an article about this, but our printer deadline was too tight). Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, Beth was getting a little bored with only 4 horses, a pool, 2 kids, a dog, a pig and cat to take care of. So, she signed on 3 days a week to take care of a sweet little 5-year-old named Katie who has turned into another member of the family. Avery and Allie can hardly wait to see her when she comes round.
Sleepy Hollow Plantation
In October, the uncharted wilderness behind Camp Alexander was transformed into a Haunted Plantation. On Saturday, October 27th several hundred people made their way to the entrance of the plantation and stood in a line that stretched out to the street. For their patience, they were rewarded with a guided tour of the plantation grounds. Camp Alexander went all out for this event. The woods were wired with sound, lights, and fog machines. Check the website for the full story. The Haunted Plantation made the front page of the Southlake Times, so Beth is famous.



If you’ve spent some time in the barn this year, you probably saw the welding rig. This year, David really stepped up the production of horseshoe crafts with the addition of 2 new product lines. Last year’s hat and coat racks are nothing compared to this year’s “fire pit”, and the “ranch-hand” beverage holder.

Till Next Year

Can you believe how fast the year went by? The writing staff reviewed some of the previous Christmas publications and hours laughing by the water cooler. We hope that you will drop by the website and send us an email (after you stop laughing). The producer has included a link to every Christmas Newsletter for the last 11 years!
God Bless you,
The Alexanders