Christmas 1997

Itty Bitty on the way

In March, the Alexanders will be proudly announcing another addition to Camp Alexander. Presently referred to as "Itty Bitty", the sex of the upcoming addition has not been released. What they do know is there is only one of them. After the arrival, Beth plans to go part-time at Merrill Lynch, and go double-overtime at Camp Alexander. Avery has mixed emotions about losing her only-child status but backs the decision in theory (not a direct quote).

Avery at the Beach

You would think that a little girl who loves splashing in the swimming pool, would instantly love the beach. Think again! Avery was scared to death of the waves, and was content to stay on the shore playing in the tide pools. The Alexanders did have a marvelous time in St.Augustine FL, with their friends William and Menita Hyde. By the way, congratulations to them for the arrival of little Reilly.

A 97 Year Wait

Camp Alexander was really buzzing in August as Beth hosted her family reunion. Top billing was giving to Nana Alice, who celebrated her 97th birthday by coming to Texas for the first time! All had a wonderful time, and Alice said it was worth the wait.

Swedish Meatballs

What does that have to do with Camp Alexander you ask? Two additions to the Camp roster: Bethís new Volvo, and the Potbellied pig named Hamlet (Hamm for short). Beth loves her cool white car, and Hamm loves anything leftover from dinner. Hamm is almost a year old, and is about twice the size of Roo. He lives with Roo, and they even share the dog house.


For those of you who only get Camp news from this annual newsletter, you may not have heard that DAVID FINISHED THE BARN!!! The rest of you are certainly tired of hearing about it, and the editors really are sorry to bring it up again, but David is still reeling from the excitement. Stop by and see it sometime. Durban can show you around if nobody is home, but watch your step!

The Bridge

You were just about to ask, "whatís Next", because you know at Camp Alexander, the end of one project signals the beginning of another. If you have hiked the trail to the lake, and had to jump across a small creek, you will appreciate the stone bridge. Especially if you were hiking during the fall, winter, or spring when the creek is wet. Construction lasted about 3 months, and ending on Thanksgiving day. Even though you probably wonít see it on a PBS special on superstructures of the world, the bridge is impressive. Materials included over 6000 lbs of stones, 75 bags of concrete, 15 bags of mortar, and 65 sq feet of brick. All the materials had to be carried down the trail in a small cart pulled behind "Murray" the mower. Gotta see it.

No More Little Rock

The town of Little Rock Arkansas is one family short this year as Bethís Sisterís family packs it up for DFW. Jean, Lee, Andy, and Kathleen are now considered "local Yokels" around town. They just finished building a beautiful house in Highland Shores up near Lake Lewisville. The move helped the staff of Camp Alexander convince Bethís Family to have the reunion in Southlake.

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Happy Holidays From Camp Alexander