Christmas 1996

Camp Life

Close your eyes and imagine the aftermath of an explosion at a Toys R Us warehouse. You have just entered the family room at Camp Alexander. Avery is now standing at the toyshelf pulling out every stuffed bear, to carry them one-at-a-time into the kitchen and show "muh-muh". Then Avery finds her musical Duck "CL" and heads for her A little tikes garden. (CL stands for cleft lip.. you'd have to see him). Is it always this fun, you ask? No, it gets better. You haven't seen the "Naked Dance"! Before your mind wonders too far off course, Avery is the naked one. A command performance is held nightly on the bathroom counter just before jumping into an enemy flotilla of foam blocks. You'll get a better visual when you see Avery's footprints on the bathroom mirror. Are your eyes still closed? I didnít think so.

Relatively Speaking

Camp Alexander hosted a gaggle of relatives and friends for Avery's Baptism on May 26, and again for her one year birthday celebration (the Baby Luau). Other than that, the Campground was pretty quiet this year, and the Alexanderís are hoping for a better turnout in '97. However, if you're looking for a place of quiet solitude, Camp Alexander no longer fits the bill. Avery has perfected her own language, and is starting to work on some English translations to assist those who speak only English.

Itís Not WHAT You do...

Attention Parents: Teach empathy for America's homeless. Get your child a Cardboard house. Hey, when they're 16 they probably won't go for it, so you might as well take advantage of a cheap toy while you can. Bill and Sally, Camp neighbors, got a loom for weaving their llama wool, and it came in a huge box. Beth and David put the creative juices to work and cut a door and windows in one side, and viola! Entertainment. Other excitement includes Averyís book club, which she is the sole member of. I think David has memorized a few of the timeless novels that Avery drags into the living room each night before bed.

The Barn

One of David's dreams has always been to have a big Red Barn to keep all of his stuff in, and get the Garage cleaned up. (OK, so weíre also getting into one of Bethís dreams, but thatís not the point) So, early in the year, he started drawing plans, and in late May, broke ground on what eventually consumed all of his spare time and several vacation days. The Barn is finally finished, but Beth is still wondering when the garage will be cleaned out. Seems like there is always a project going on. Durban seems to like the new barn, especially since that's where the food is now. Durban immediately christened the floor with his own version of champagne and caviar. Maybe the horse really does appreciate all the hard work? In case youíre wondering, Roo and Sam are also fine. Sam got accustomed to Avery, and Roo is finally getting used to Durban.

Viva Las Vegas

Beth's 2nd annual "girlfriend" outing unfortunately did not result in any profit. It did, however teach them a valuable lesson in fear, and gravity, as they checked out the new roller coaster and freefall ride at the Stratosphere Casino. Since Beth wasnít with-child this year, she really got into the rides (and the booze). Now if she could just learn how to win lots of money.

From the Editor

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There Ya Are

After 3 whole years, Beth has finally admitted that she likes living in Texas. With Avery, the Alexanderís are really a family and a Camp Alexander is a home. They have great jobs, wonderful friends and a supportive Church. If you haven't stopped by in awhile, check it out. See you next year,

Happy Holidays to all,

The Editor, The Publisher, and the Poo-Pooer.