Christmas 1993

Leaving Paradise

Most people wouldn't say that Hawaii is a good place to be moving from. In fact, if your standing in the freezing cold in Texas trying to explain why you just left Hawaii, you get a lot of stupid looks. Oh well, things just worked out that way. I think the French have a word for it, but it's pretty stupid too.

In case you have not heard the whole story, I will try to help you with some of the details. David had know all along that his job would eventually take them away from Hawaii. The plan was 2 to 3 years, 4 at the most. So, after the second year rolled along, David noticed a new group being formed in Dallas. A group managing the transportation costs and procedures for all of GTE. It sounded interesting, so he applied. After some time, he was offered the job, and accepted.

So far, it looks like Beth will be able to transfer her job with Merrill Lynch, and be working within a coconut's throw from David at Williams Square, in Las Colinas. David started his job in Dallas on November 8. The plan is for him to return to Hawaii December 10 to help Beth get all the furniture moved. The two will then fly to Atlanta for Christmas, and then to Dallas to start their new life on January 2, 1994. (that's the plan anyway)

Fortunately, selling the Townhouse was a snap. (Too bad it wasn't so easy to buy!) Within a couple of weeks they had two offers, and the first one turned out to be the most serious, so they took it. For those of you who haven't been to their house lately, David remodeled the kitchen, removing the no-longer-sought-after vintage 1971 harvest gold decor. I don't know... maybe they should have waited a while to see if it was coming back.... NOT! I'm sure the bright, new kitchen helped show the house better anyway.

For now, their new address will be an apartment in Los Colinas: 1010 San Jacinto Blvd #626 Irving TX, 75063 214/444/0313. Hopefully the Alexander's will find a house within a month, and get back to normal as soon as possible. With the winter weather bearing down on them, I'm sure a garage will come in handy.

Lu'u Ele Ele Nui

Ok, give up? Obviously, you haven't been studying your Alexander newsletters! If you had, you would know that "Ele" for short, is David and Beth's dive boat, and that the full name means Big black dive thing. Unfortunately, David has discovered that Ele is not in the hot demand that their house is. They have been trying to sell the large Navy inflatable for over a month, and have had no success. The best diving in Hawaii is spring and summer, and people just don't' seem to have any money to spend. GTE's relocation policy says "NO BOATS", unless you want to pay for moving it on your own. However, since the deflated Ele with the motor removed, and the trailer dismantled could be placed in the back of Jose', (David's 4-runner), maybe GTE won't know if Ele comes to Texas. Wouldn't that be a sight, to see a Navy assault boat zipping across Lake Grapevine! I'm sure David would rather sell the dive boat, and buy a Mastercraft, but as the man with the big lips said,.. "you can't always get what you want". I guess we'll find out together.


Beth and David celebrated their one year wedding anniversary with a romantic weekend on the island of Kauai. They stayed in a beautiful home on Hanalei bay on the Na Pali coast. A typical tourist on Kauai would take a tour boat ride up the Wailua river to see the Fern Grotto. Especially an anniversary couple, because their are so many weddings performed under the ferns. Not being typical, but wanting to see the beautiful Fern Grotto, the adventuresome couple rented kayaks, and paddled their way up the river. Both days were brought to a close with drinks on the balcony of the Princeville Hotel at sunset. By far, the most romantic place on the island.


Talk to The Animals

While Beth and David were walking back from one of their beautiful Princeville sunsets, they noticed a large seabird sitting on the ground. They walked over, to see if the bird had been injured. As they approached, they noticed the bird was sitting upright and did not appear to be injured, just sitting! The only problem was, he was sitting in the middle of the road! Trying to prompt the bird to fly (or at least walk), they nudged him with their feet. Nothing, he just sat there. Finally, David decided to take a chance, hoping the large bird would not bite him, to pick him up. To their surprise, the bird stepped right up on his hand. David remarked on how heavy the bird was, being so large. The bird stayed calm while they walked him over to the grass, then after several minutes, he finally flew about 50 feet and came to rest in a bushy area.


Life Fulfilled

To look back with anything less than complete fulfillment in life would be unacceptable. Did Beth and David live in Paradise, or was Hawaii just another place to live? Will their new life in Dallas really be new? Life is what you make it, and life in Hawaii is still just life. For Beth and David, life is with each other, and fulfillment is being in love.