Sleepy Hollow Plantation

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As the group enters the forest, an old hobo named Ichybottom Crain stops the group and warns them of the horrors that await them if they continue their journey. He tells the story of the old plantation before the Crain brothers went insane. Late at night, he hears screams from across the bridge, and then silence. Undaunted, they continue along the trail to the old cornfield where a dozen Scarecrows were staked out. Erie sounds and a dense blue haze create the perfect effect for fear! The tour walks thru a cluster of ragged figures only a few feet away. One of the guests thought she saw one move! … In a flash, several Scarecrows leap from their stakes and surround them! Screams fill the air! The guide hurries the group out of the cornfield and into the forest. Strangely, the Scarecrows stop at the edge of the forest as if they were afraid themselves to continue. The tour guide turned on her small flashlight to help the group follow the old trail that leads them deeper into the woods. The guide tells the group about the legend of the old hanging tree where the Crain brothers had tortured those who dared to trespass. The full moon overhead provides just enough light to see that an enormous oak tree is beside them. All of a sudden red lights illuminate the tree to reveal a victim swinging at the end of the noose still struggling to free himself. The visitors continue their expedition and soon come to a small bridge crossing a dry creek bed. Suddenly a young girl comes running up the creek only to be dragged away screaming by evil Scarecrows. On their left, the tour can see a widow dressed in a black gown motioning to them. Again, the scarecrows pull her into the forest as well. Around the bend, they enter a small clearing in the forest where they see several small boxes and cages on the ground. As they pause in astonishment, 2 scarecrows slowly enter the area from the other side of the clearing. The group stays quiet, thinking they have not been seen. Unexpectedly, one of the Scarecrows lifts up one of the boxes to reveal a small boy buried up to the neck! As the boy screams in terror, the 2 scarecrows attack him, and then turn toward the group! Convinced that the old hobo was right, the guide quickly searches for a path that will lead them back to safety. They follow a path toward some lights, but soon realize thick spider webs in a dense forest surround them.As they pass under a low hanging web, a Scarecrow darts out of the forest and grabs someone in the tour. A second Scarecrow appears and together they drag the screaming victim away.The group knows they are easy prey if they stay in the forest. They see a clearing ahead, and quickly make their way into what turns out to be an abandoned graveyard filled with old tombstones and crosses. Behind them they hear the sounds of screams and growling. As they enter the graveyard they see an open coffin with a bouquet of dead flowers. Standing beside it is the old widow. She turns toward them and points to the forest where a dozen zombie children are moving toward them. They see a light burning in an old barn and decide seek safety there. However, as they approach the barn, they hear what sounds like a meat cleaver hacking up a victim. Someone in the barn screams, “I need MORE”. Then, without warning, old man Crain comes running out of the barn with a chainsaw ready to cut them to pieces. Somehow, the group manages to get past him where they see the entrance to the plantation and safety. After they enjoy some hot chocolate and share stories of horror, they thank the guides for bringing them out alive, and return to civilization.